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  • Please use this form to update us with your preferred method(s) of contact and contact permission, and carefully read the information on how we use your information.

    Please begin by telling us who you are:

  • Using your information

    We collect personal data from you when you make an enquiry. We use this data to contact you, provide services and maintain our records. Subject to your continued consent, we will maintain contact with you and provide updates about our services in the future. You can request access to your data, decide how long we keep it, make a complaint and change if and how we contact you by selecting your preferences below.

  • We will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.
    For more information explaining how we use your information and whom to contact if you would like to review or remove your information, please see our privacy policy.

  • Withdrawing your consent

    I withdraw my consent to process my personal data from The Court House. The Court House no longer has my consent to process my personal data for the purpose of:

  • Note: The Court House will continue to process personal data where there is a legal requirement and for the duration of any such requirement. i.e. accounting or the fulfilment of legal obligations such as fulfilment of agreement or contract.

  • Data retention

    The Court House securely retains client data for a period of two years following the cessation of services, before the automatic deletion of information.

  • Note: We will retain information including financial data i.e. accounts, for a period of six years or in accordance with any other legal or statutory requirements.

  • Complaints

    We aim to provide the highest standards of service and professional conduct at all times and consequently takes any complaint very seriously.

    If you have received a communication in error or are not happy with;

    • how your personal data has been processed
    • how your request for access to data has been handled
    • how a complaint has been handled, or if you would like to appeal against any decision made following a complaint
    • Any other matter

    Then please contact us via email at using ‘Complaint’ in the subject line. Please provide as much information as possible and include details of how you would like us to address or resolve your complaint.

    Alternatively, you can send your complaint to us via our postal address, marked for the attention of Sally Tringham. We aim to respond to all complaints within 30 days of receipt.